Passionate Advocacy For Louisiana Families And Their Legal Issues

When you need a champion for your family's rights, safety, or assets, Amber L. Cain may just be exactly who you are looking for.

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Working On All Aspects Of Family Law And Estate Management

Amber L. Cain assists clients with a variety of family law issues, such as:

  • Divorce, including child custody, child support, interim and final spousal support, restraining orders, and division of separate and community property
  • Child Custody, including initial settings and subsequent modifications
  • Child Support, including enforcement services if necessary
  • Adoption, including name changes, background checks, and other paperwork and processes to make the experience go as smoothly as possible
  • Domestic Violence, including obtaining orders of protection from abuse
  • Estate Management, including planning for your incapacity and final wishes
  • Successions, including property transfers, whether a will is available or not

You can learn more about Amber‘s New Orleans practice today by calling 866-469-2264.

Family Law
We can assist you with divorce, child custody, adoption, and any other family law issue.

Estate Planning And Successions
Our estate planning lawyer will work with you to prepare these important documents.

Domestic Violence
When you’ve been victimized, you need an attorney seasoned in handling domestic abuse cases.

A Passion For Victims’ Rights

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, a person will leave an abusive relationship an average of seven times before leaving their abuser for good. Amber L. Cain has extensive experience working on domestic violence cases and is passionate about helping victims of abuse and their children stay safe. She can assist you with restraining orders and other protections. She’s dedicated to helping those at risk escape domestic violence for a better future.

Amber’s Approach Is Personal Service

You won’t be handed off to an assistant or a paralegal. All aspects of your case will be handled by a family law attorney. Amber will meet with you for your initial consultation and all ongoing work.

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